Tech Stack of my Newsletter

Sharing how I built my newsletter so that you can get some ideas to build yours

Tech Stack of my Newsletter

If you want to set up a Newsletter like me here is the tech stack

  • The site is powered by Ghost
  • I am Using InoLetter Theme From Visioun
  • The site is Hosted & Managed by Spookey!
  • To Sending out Newsletters I am Using Mailgun.

I built the site to play multirole. Its a Newsletter but at the same time its a blog & a Journal for my personal projects &. If you go to Home page You will see the site acts as a traditional newsletter. But all the other parts of the site acts as Personal Blog

Thanks to ghost dynamic routing I did the multirole setup of my site so easily with few tweaks to the theme & a custom routes.yaml

Here is the routes.yaml file

  /signup/: members/signup
  /signin/: members/signin
  /account/: members/account

    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: 'tag:newsletter'
    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: blog
    filter: tag:-[newsletter, product-updates]
    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: tag:[product-updates]

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

If you need any help setting up your newsletter DM me at twitter @saleheenkhan1 I will be happy to help.


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