Working on Multiple Project ideas. Below few projects I am working actively & focusing to make these projects Go-Live.


Visioun is a TaaS (Theme as a service) for ghost publications. In the easy word is a ghost theme store with subscriptions. It's a new project & the library does not contain much more themes.  Currently, VIsioun has 6 Ghost themes, & Adding a new theme each month.

Spookey (WIP)

a Platform to deploy ghost within a minute (Being tested privately by couple of clients). Subscribe to the mailing list to get 20% off at launch deal.


A productized service for those who uses ghost publication.


Open-source cms powered by Ruby on Rails. (Under Development)
Check out the codes on Github


An extension for PuLo CMS to transform PuLo as a standalone digital store to sell digital downloads (Under Development)

There are some more projects ideas I would like to bring them to reality, but currently only focusing on the above projects.

RC aircraft & DIY Rockets

Recently got interested to build some RC Aircrafts & homemade rockets. I am planning to start with RC Aircrafts & then move to create model rockets. In the future, I am willing to form a company based on this & have a name for my future company. Its Infinities Aerospace & I will incorporate this company in UK as well as a subsidiary company of Inoryum Ltd. Wish me Luck.

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