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I am salehin(@SaleheenKhan1), I build things in public & I love to help people with, what I have learned so far. Founded @inoryumLTD, Built https://visioun.com & https://wizards.inoryum.com, building https://spookey.io & Planning to build PuLo, A Platform for new creators to sell their digital creations online.

This is my Blog & Newsletter where I share my Practical Experiences.


Since I have incorporated Inoryum Ltd, Back in 2020, Been working on multiple projects. Recently assembled a team of 6 people from different parts of the world to speed up the development process & launch those projects. Check out the link below to get all the information about my projects.

Working on Multiple Project ideas. Below few projects I am working actively & focusing to make these projects Go-Live.


My first ever interview with @NoCodeWealth. I was a bit nervous during the interview.

‎NoCode Wealth: Maker Interview - Md Salehin Khan: Inoryum & Spookey.io on Apple Podcasts
Md Salehin Khan is a Maker building in public. In this interview, he shares the struggles he had building a business as a citizen of Bangladesh, how useful it was to register Inoryum online in the UK, and his first SaaS for No-Coders: Spookey.io offering Managed Ghost Publication. This was one of th…

Some of my early day Articles posted on IndieHackers.com

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