Growth Stories to get inspiration from.

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Hey Everyone ✋.
Today I am going to share some growth stories to get inspiration for myself & also for my subscribers. Over the years I've been reading these stories & learned a lot from these stories.

Founders shares their journey, their mistakes, & sometimes their techniques to gain the goal. We can learn a lot from these stories. So here are a couple of stories you might find useful for your own journey. (Curated from ProductHunt & IndieHackers)

Karen Vardanyan Acquired 500 Users in 50 days

Acquiring the first 500 users in 50 days! | Product Hunt
Hello everyone! We just hit this number! Got our first 500 customers at Leanbe and I decided to share how we managed to do that here with you all. Maybe this will turn into a fruitful discussion and help new startups that are about to launch. To to keep it simple and short, I’ve broken it down int…

Bobby Iliev reached 1000 subscribers on YouTube

I’ve reached 1000 subscribers on YouTube 🎉

Matthew Reid blew up his Twitter overnight

My tweet blew up, what should I do?
I recently started using HypeFury to post tweets regularly. The idea is to build my audience (of Indie Hackers and creators) and hopefully build interes...

How Arnaud Belinga went viral on Linkedin

How I went viral on LinkedIn to reach 497 000 people and 40% of my target audience for my SAAS - AMA I made m...

Pierre Kraus Grew From 100 to 200 Signups in a week (Ask Him Anything)

📈 Grew from a 100 ➜ 200 signups in a week! AMA (jk) | Product Hunt
Last week Telios reached a 100 signups, a week later we doubled the # of signups for our waitlist. We kept on focusing on non-scalable actions and gained a strong momentum (on our scale). It’s not a long-term strategy for sure, but it helps to demonstrate the interest people show in our product. It…

Learn from Peoples thoughts on how you can get your first 1000 Users

What are your top tips for getting to 1,000 users? | Product Hunt
The first 1,000 is always the hardest as they say. I’ve seen a million and one articles all giving different advice but since makers have the first hand experience I decided to ask what are your tips?

$8,000 in revenue without even a product

$8,000 in revenue without even a product 💸| Tuple
Listen Up! IH - Episode 32 --- **“Be useful on the internet”** 👆 That’s Ben Orenstein’s advice for aspiring indie hackers. Ben is the founder of Tuple...

How Mavlonbek Muratov got his first 50 Customers!

How I got my first 50 customers? | Product Hunt
The journey of a startup founder is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Everyone has their unique stories of how they got started. In this short article, I would like to tell how I got my first 50 customers. Once I developed the initial version of my product, I looked for various subgroups who could…

Xavier Coiffard Giving some tips on How do you keep the momentum after your ProductHunt launch?

How do you keep the momentum after your ProductHunt launch? | Product Hunt
Launching on ProductHunt is always super exciting. You get much attention for 24h. If you prepared it properly, you probably ranked high enough to have a massive spike of traffic and collected many emails. But what next? Here are 5 things that I do: - Start a newsletter with all the emails you…

Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Next Project

4 Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Next Project
Hi, fellow Indie Hackers, The Lean Startup is a book most founders usually read at one point or the other. If you’ve not read it, chances are that you’v...

I hope you find the above information useful. That's it for today. have a great weekend.