AWS Active For Bootstrapped Founders

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As a Bootstrapped founder I am trying to minimize the operating cost. One of the big expenses was my hosting bills. So started looking for Credits from different hosting/cloud providers.

First I went with the Aws Free Tier. But it was not what I was looking for & the resources of the Free tier were so limited.

Then Tried a Couple of More options Just as Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, etc.

Google Cloud has a Startup program But the duration of the credit was only 60 Days. Digital Ocean also has a startup program called hatch, which requires a VC-funded startup.  

I was desperately looking for alternatives & Finally got AWS active Program. They have two options:

  1. Activate Founders
  2. Activate Portfolio

The active founder's tier was what I was looking for. Activate Founders provides self-funded and bootstrapped startups with $1,000 in AWS credits, $350 in Developer support credits, pre-built infrastructure templates, exclusive offers, and more. To apply, ensure you meet the application criteria below.

Here are the Requirments

  • New to AWS Activate Founders
  • Have not previously received credits from AWS Activate Portfolio
  • Have an active AWS Account
  • The startup must be self-funded, unbacked, or bootstrapped – no institutional funding or affiliation with an Activate Provider
  • A company website or web profile
  • The startup must be less than 10 years old

So $1000 in credits with 2years validity is a great deal for bootstrappers & for me as well.

If you meet the above requirements & have a Legal entity. You can also get the AWS Active Credit to minimize your operating cost to at least $1000

To apply simply visit .
If you have any questions regarding the process feel free to send me a DM on Twitter @SaleheenKhan1

Thanks for reading.