Where to host your Ghost Publication

Homes for you ghost publication Platform

Where to host your Ghost Publication


Digital ocean is the first choice of lot of ghost publication owners. its providing great service at a very affordable price.


  • Affordable price Starts from $5/mo
  • There is a ghost image to deploy
  • $100 Credit to start with for 2 months


  • not suitable for no-code users
  • you have to manually update the ghost

Ghost Pro

In one solid word this is the best service but the price is bit higher for a small blog & you have to pay an additional fee for subdirectory setup


With Spookey! get your Ghost Blog up & running within seconds. Spookey deals with the backbone, so you can concentrate on your contents. Turn your hobby into paying business by Deploying Ghost with Spookey!.


  • Fully Managed ghost publication
  • Built for no-code users
  • Get discounts on Inoryum Themes


  • No CDN
  • Fairly New

There are also some managed ghost providers like DigitalPress, FirePress & Midnight