Updates on spookey.io issue#1

Updates on spookey.io issue#1

Our team is gathering ideas for the marketing site of Spookey!. We look forward to come-up with a simple & easy to navigate design for the marketing site & user control panel.

By next week we are trying to finalize the design & start coding on the design as we have a target to launch the platform in 1st week of November. Meanwhile we are also getting feedback from the clients who are testing the platform privately.

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Based on the feedback from the clients we are improving the platform.

At first we have decided not to have newsletter emails in the Spookey! plans. But based on a suggestion from clients, we have decided to have 2000 emails per month for starter plan. The number of newsletter a client can send per month will be based on the plan the client picks.

We are also working on the plans will offered like pricing model, features etc. Preparing competitive plans with lot of features.

Stay tuned to get more updates on Spookey!.

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