Spookey.io My upcoming product

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Spookey! is a platform where users can easily deploy Ghost blog with few clicks, With absolute Zero Setup. Since i am actively working with ghost blog for my clients. I saw lot of clients facing problem managing their ghost blog. Like setting up the blog, configuring the domain, installing SSL & on-going maintenance of the blog.

There is an option to reduce this hassles by using ghost pro but its bit expensive.
DigitalOcean says managed ghost hosting but its actually not managed hosting. they just help you to deploy the blog in $5 nothing more.

So i came up with a solution by creating a platform where users dont have to deal with technical aspects or worrying about the security of the blog. They will just focus on their contents rest assured my the platform Spookey! by Inoryum Ltd.

Proposed Logo for Spookey!

The marketing site is not done yet as we focused on the infrastructure first. The infrastructure is almost done as some of our clients testing it privately.

We are planning the marketing site of spookey!. You can go the https://spookey.io & subscribe to our mailing list. & we will update you once the we launch spookey! along with 20% discount on Launch Deal.

To Be Continued....