Building & flying experience of my First RC Model Airplane

It's been a while since my last post. Today I will share my experience of Building & Flying my first RC model Airplane. I was into this hobby for a long time but didn't get the chance to start building.

Building & flying experience of my First RC Model Airplane
My First RC plane

The Airframe & The design

Used Depron foam sheets, as they are lightweight, Easy to cut in shapes & a bit cost-effective. For this airframe, I needed only one sheet of Depron.


For the design, I didn't use any plan but I took inspiration from FlightTest design & built my own. I don't know how to create printable plans that's why I cant build any plan for this model but here is the measurement of the airframe.

Wingspan: 34 Inches.
Fuselage: 27 inches.
Weight: 350 Grams (Including a 1500mah LiPo Battery)


  • FlySky I6x Transmitter with 10ch receiver
  • Emax 2205 Sized 2300KV Brushless Motor
  • 30Amp Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
  • 9gram servo motor
  • 1500mah Li-Po Battery

Maiden Flight

Well, I don't know nor have prior experience of flying an RC plane, tried on a simulator tho, but dint gets the confidence to fly this. Fortunately. my RC Mentor Mridul Has come up for flying the plane.

First Launch

After launching the plan we saw that it was not flying well. It directly turned right & crashed into the tree

Second Launch

On the second launch, it was on the air for a few moments but the controls were not good & it kept turning to the right.

Third Launch

On the third launch again noticed turning to the right. So we stopped flying & started to investigate the issue.

We Checked the CG, Control surfaces & also the alignment of the Vertical & Horizontal stabilizer, All good no issue, then why it's turning to the right?

While checking more possible reasons for the right turn, Mridul (My Mentor) Noticed that the thrust angle of the motor is not right. That was in a neutral position.

I wasn't aware of what is the thrust angle. So he explained it to me.

I will fix the plane & will share more info on it.

Till then,