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Great products by IndieHackers

Been doing IndieHacking for a while & discovered there are lot of great products built by IndieHackers. Here are few products I found interesting

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Growth Stories to get inspiration from.

Hey Everyone ✋. Today I am going to share some growth stories to get inspiration for myself & also for my subscribers. Over the years I've been reading these stories & learned a lot from these stories. Founders shares their journey, their mistakes, & sometimes their techniques to gain the goal.

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Goblin - Minimal Blog, Magazine & Newsletter ghost theme

I am very excited to announce our New (September Release) Ghost Theme Goblin, A Newsletter focused Blog & Magazine Ghost theme. Check out the Demo 👉 If you are looking to build a paid or free newsletter alongside your blog then Goblin is the perfect fit. It's

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AWS Active For Bootstrapped Founders

As a Bootstrapped founder I am trying to minimize the operating cost. One of the big expenses was my hosting bills. So started looking for Credits from different hosting/cloud providers. First I went with the Aws Free Tier. But it was not what I was looking for & the

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Where to host your Ghost Publication

Homes for you ghost publication Platform

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Replace LetsEncrypt SSL with CloudFlare SSL for your Ghost Publication

LetsEncrypt is a great source of Free SSL certificate. But when you use CloudFlare to host your DNS, there are some problems we are facing while issuing the SSL.

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How I Submitted the confirmation Statement for my UK Limited Company

Today I am going to share how I Submitted the confirmation Statement (Previously Annual Return) for my UK Company Inoryum Ltd

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Neutron Launched

Minimal blog & magazine ghost theme with membership support via portal

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I've made over $2k from a free product

Today I am going to share an interesting experience, How I made over $2k from a free product. It was a good experience. Learnt a lot from this experience. Lets hop on to the story.

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2 Free Email Hosting providers for your domain

A Branded email is an important asset for your business. If you are an IndieHacker or bootstrapped founder, building your products from your limited money, then its hard to pay for email services. So we left no choice but to use emails like [email protected] or [email protected]

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