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Building & flying experience of my First RC Model Airplane

It's been a while since my last post. Today I will share my experience of Building & Flying my first RC model Airplane. I was into this hobby for a long time but didn't get the chance to start building.

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Great products by IndieHackers

Been doing IndieHacking for a while & discovered there are lot of great products built by IndieHackers. Here are few products I found interesting

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Growth Stories to get inspiration from.

Hey Everyone ✋. Today I am going to share some growth stories to get inspiration for myself & also for my subscribers. Over the years I've been reading these stories & learned a lot from these stories. Founders shares their journey, their mistakes, & sometimes their techniques to gain the goal. We can learn

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Goblin - Minimal Blog, Magazine & Newsletter ghost theme

I am very excited to announce our New (September Release) Ghost Theme Goblin [], A Newsletter focused Blog & Magazine Ghost theme. Check out the Demo 👉 [] If you are looking to build a paid or free newsletter alongside your

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AWS Active For Bootstrapped Founders

As a Bootstrapped founder I am trying to minimize the operating cost. One of the big expenses was my hosting bills. So started looking for Credits from different hosting/cloud providers. First I went with the Aws Free Tier []. But it was not what I

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Where to host your Ghost Publication

Homes for you ghost publication Platform

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Replace LetsEncrypt SSL with CloudFlare SSL for your Ghost Publication

LetsEncrypt is a great source of Free SSL certificate. But when you use CloudFlare to host your DNS, there are some problems we are facing while issuing the SSL.

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How I Submitted the confirmation Statement for my UK Limited Company

Today I am going to share how I Submitted the confirmation Statement (Previously Annual Return) for my UK Company Inoryum Ltd

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Neutron Launched

Minimal blog & magazine ghost theme with membership support via portal

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I've made over $2k from a free product

Today I am going to share an interesting experience, How I made over $2k from a free product. It was a good experience. Learnt a lot from this experience. Lets hop on to the story.

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