10 Best Free Cloud Drives For You

10 Best Free Cloud Drives For You

The market is full of cloud storage options and some of them require customers to sign up for the services. If you create a new account, free cloud storage is also offered with several options. Here we are giving you the 10 best cloud storage options with which you will get 112GB free cloud storage.But all the services are not similar. Some have their strengths and weaknesses regarding the size of the uploaded files, pricing of additional cloud storage space, integration with operating systems and mobile apps and also security measures.

**1. Amazon Cloud Drive **
Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: 20GB – $10/year; 50GB – $25/year; 100GB – $50/year; 200GB – $100/year; 1TB – $500/year. Cloud Music player: 250 imported songs free; 250,000 imported songs – $24.99/year.
If you purchase or download music files from Amazon then it gets automatically stored in the cloud drive for free. This service also provides back-up to Kindle-branded tablets. The service was launched in March 2011. Click here for terms and regulations to use Amazon Cloud Drive.

** 2. Apple iCloud **
Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: 10GB (15GB total with 5GB free) – $20/year; 50GB – $100/year.
iCloud automatically syncs files, photos, videos and even Web browsing tabs across Apple devices. Apple boasts of a minimum 128-bit AES encryption for iCloud services. Click here for more info about this service.

** 3. Box **
Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: Personal account, 25GB for $9.99/month; 50GB – $19.99/month. Business account: $15/user/month – 3 to 500 users; 1TB with password-protected sharing, access management and user administration. Enterprise edition: Custom pricing, unlimited storage, offers customer branding, group access controls.
This service provides SSL AES 256-bit encryption behind the firewall. In case of business and enterprise accounts, files are stored encrypted with automatic redundancy. There are some limitations on the file size like100MB for the free accounts, 1GB for paid personal accounts and business editions have 2GB file size limit. This service also allows document editing through third-party apps, such as Zoho. Click here for more info.

** 4. Dropbox **
Free cloud storage: 2GB
Extra storage: “Pro” accounts range from 100GB – $9.99/month or $99/year, to 500GB for $49.99/month or $499/year. “Teams” account, 1TB for $795/year for 5 users and $125 for each additional user.
Dropbox is the most popular cloud service and it uses SSL AES 256-bit encryption for its Pro and Teams editions. There is no limit on the file size if you are uploading files from the desktop application, which works on Windows, OS X and Linux. 300MB limit is imposed when you upload something from the Dropbox website. You can also get 500MB of extra free storage if your friends register, up to 16GB. Document editing is not allowed in this service. Click for more information.

** 5. Google Drive **
Free cloud storage: 5GB for Google Docs and files converted to Google Docs. 1GB of free photo video storage in Picasa Web Albums, unlimited storage of photos and videos (up to 15-minute videos) in Google+.
Extra storage: 25GB – $2.49/month; 100GB – $4.99/month; 200GB – $9.99/month; 1TB – $49.99/month; 16TB – $799.99/month.
Users of Google Drive are allowed to store a lot of files in its cloud for free, if only the files are Google Docs. Files can also be converted to this format simply by copying them into a Google document. Drive has some file limits, including 2MB for converted files, or 10MB for non-Google Doc files. Google Doc files can be edited in the application, but to edit non-Google Doc files you need third-party apps.

** 6. MediaFire **
Free cloud storage: 50GB
Extra storage: Pro edition features 250GB for $4.50/month, and Business edition offers 1TB for $49/month.
MediaFire is a start-up which offers a large amount of cloud storage, but it only supports Windows, OS X and Linux desktop applications. No mobile apps are supported yet. For $1.50/month, users can get 50GB of storage and the personal edition has no advertisements. The free edition has 200MB file size limit, while personal has a 1GB file size limit. Pro has a 4GB file size limit and business has a 10GB individual file size limit. Know more about MediaFire here.

** 7. Microsoft SkyDrive **
Free cloud storage: 7GB
Extra storage: 20GB for $10/year; 50GB for $25/year; 100GB for $50/year.
Microsoft SkyDrive has a Windows 8-style interface and it offers one of the largest initial free storage accounts. It limits uploads to 300MB files via the web browser and it imposes a 2GB limit on desktop application. It also supports iOS, Android and Windows phone apps. A “forgot something” feature is an added facility on this service which allows users to retrieve files remotely on their PC without even uploading to the cloud.

** 8. MiMedia **
Free cloud storage: 7GB
Extra storage: 100GB for $4.99/month; 500GB for $20/month or $199/year; 1TB for $35/month or $325/year.
MiMedia offers high free storage and it works as an excellent back-up repository and cloud access tool. For large uploads the company provides special facilities and files get encrypted during the upload transmission. MiMedia doesn’t support Mac OS X and it runs on iOS and Android apps.

** 9. SpiderOak **
Free cloud storage: 2GB
Extra storage: $10 per month or $100 per year for each additional 100GB increment.
It presents itself as the secure public could storage option and it boasts of a “zero-knowledge” policy. The program doesn’t store any password and all data gets encrypted both in transmission and storage. For developers, the service has also started open sourcing some of the codes which were used to create the product. SpiderOak offers personal, business and reseller versions of cloud service. Click here to know more.

** 10. SugarSync **
Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: 30GB for $4.99/month or $49.99/year; 60GB for $9.99/month or $99.99/year; 500GB for $39.99/month or $399.99/year. Business account offers 100GB for three users for $29.99/month or $299.99/year.
If you recommend others to use this service then you will get up to 32GB free additional storage. It supports mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and WinMobile. Know more about SugarSync here.